Brilliant Badminton (and more!)

Hello! Again time seems to have run away with me and the amount we have crammed in since I wrote my last blog would probably fill a short book so I promise I will stick to most interesting bits!!


First of all I have to mention what a wonderful weekend of sport and THE brilliant result at Badminton Horse Trials last weekend. What an achievement for one of the King’s of eventing, Andrew Nicholson. One completion would be fulfilling many event riders wildest dreams (including mine!) but 37 is quite something else and such an inspiration.

The other thing that leaves me totally in awe of Andrew (and his team) is his innate horsemanship and management of a 17 year old horse meaning that he is still in the peak of his physical fitness and condition to pull of such a wonderful result. And that was his 12th four star completion!! We all know how difficult it is to keep horses sound and fit and this is another reason that Andrew has shot even higher (if that was possible) in my expectations.

Back to real-life and the madness of Jess Campbell, event rider/vet!! My horses have continued their respective event seasons in very pleasing form.

Excitingly after a couple more successful runs at their respective levels both of the ‘grown up’ horses have stepped up a level.


Bart moved up to BE 100 at Whitfield with a respectable 34 dressage, a slight green moment in the show jumping meant a couple of rails then he stormed round the cross country clear.


Dan ran in his first Intermediate this past week which was incredibly exciting. Big D really rose to the occasion starting by really settling and listening to me and producing a 29 dressage, trying his socks off in the show jumping just breathing on the first part of the treble and then eating the cross country for breakfast, loving every second of it. It top the day off he finished up 9th!


It was wonderful to be back riding at this level after a rather long gap spent producing and competing the younger horses. It was made even more special because I’ve been riding Dan since he was a wobbly, gangly 5 year old and realising that he is now and Intermediate Event Horse has made be very very proud of him and how far he has come.


I am constantly trying to improve and perfect my post cross country leg care to try to look after the horses tendons, joints and ligaments in any way I can. The importance of ice and compression cannot be stressed highly enough but together with Jenny Watson I have started to add a few things after my normal icing routine.

Number One – Ice for 15 minutes followed by a 20 minute break and repeat. In short, removing heat from the limbs ASAP and trying to prevent or reduce any swelling by vasoconstriction of the local blood vessels.

Number Two – Aloe Vet Spray. To help any bruising or small skin nicks.

Number Three – Aloe MSM Gel. Containing MSM which soothes and helps to support the tendons and ligaments in their recovery.

All fingers very tightly crossed and touching all the wood in reach but this routine seems to be working very well for the horses so far this season so I’m excited to continue with it and to carry on having happy, fit horses around!

Rockingham CIC* is next for Dan and another BE100 run for Bart at Borde Hill. It has been wonderful bumping in to some of our GVG clients and other blog readers at events. Please do shout at me if you see me because it’s fab to say hello outside of work!

In the mean time I will carry on doing a rain dance but goodbye from me and these two super cute, future Event stars!




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