Deutschland, Dressage and Devastating News.

It has been a very sad week. My beloved first horse, Barnaby, who took me from Pony Club to my first international event was put to sleep after fracturing his radius in the field. He was the most kind, forgiving horse with the biggest heart and absolutely worth his weight in gold – putting up with my many mistakes and teaching me the ropes. He is responsible for the eventing addiction I have today.


It was incredibly tough to say goodbye to the superstar who was such big part of my life.

Steve was absolutely incredible even though I was totally pathetic!!


In much more up-beat news I was over in Germany trying to do some more horse shopping at the beginning of the month. The way horses are bred and produced over there are is another world all together. The studs are breeding top class horses on a huge scale – all young stock are kept in big barns, slightly reminiscent of barns of cows in the UK.


Sadly no purchase my end although I did join the 2017 fallers club off a just backed 4yo. Of course just for the entertainment of everyone else there! I even managed to get roped in to doing some ‘off duty’ vet work whilst over there.


Back at home we’ve been out and about getting some ring practice before the season starts. Dan improved hugely at his second dressage outing to win his class and baby Womble was beautifully behaved at his first competitive outing and tried really hard for a respectable 67%.

There’s another trip to Ireland on the horizon next week as well as more show jumping and dressage practice, with the first entries in the season seems to be fast approaching.

I hope everyone’s horses have come out of the winter feeling well. Fingers crossed that the weather gods cheer up and decide to get the sun out very soon!!

Jess x





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