Here comes 2017!!

I hope you are all feeling suitably full and relaxed after Christmas, Happy New Year and all that! I used the excuse of having lots of horses to muck out to the full!


Now it’s full steam ahead to the 2017 season. It feels like it’s going to be an exciting one!

I have a few exciting new partnerships and I can’t wait to continue developing them over the course of this year. The first being brand ambassador for Jenny Watson’s Forever Aloe Oaklands.


The involvement of Jenny and the Aloe Vera products has been a tremendous boost. Jenny has ridden at a high level in dressage so understands the pressures and stresses of life with equines, and she knows exactly which products are useful and when, for both humans and horses.

I’ve been on the drinking gel for about five weeks now and am feeling the benefits already, just having that bit of extra energy. They also have great digestive properties: all the Christmas food and no feeling horribly stodgy and bloated!


Winter training is hotting up and freezing over in equal measure. The horses have been out jump training but schooling is a bit stop-start at the moment with everything freezing over. Hopefully things will start warming up and we’ll be back in full swing preparing fully for the event season which now feels like it’s very much on the horizon!

My final piece of exciting news is that thanks to some generous offers of syndication I am on the hunt for a new youngster to add to the team for the coming season. Horse shopping has to be the best type of shopping – Germany and Ireland are on the cards… Watch this space!

Best wishes and good health to all of you and your four legged friends for 2017.



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