It was all going too well.

All is still going well on GVG Brooks side of things (touch wood!), I feel like I’m starting to get to know more people which is really lovely. It’s also starting to feel like I’m getting to know my way around even if the numbers of U-turns I do a day may suggest otherwise…

With Dan on flying form I was very excited to get him to the CIC* at Bicton which would have been his first international event. Sadly horses are horses and when I went to ride him early on the Monday morning before work he had a very large right fore above his knee. In a bit of a panic I rushed into the practice to grab the x-ray machine and raced back with all my fingers crossed that I was just being paranoid.

Dan’s chipped radius

Sadly, I wasn’t. Horses! He has chipped his radius and although it doesn’t look too dramatic there may well be other little fractures which we have to wait a few weeks before we’ll see them on x-ray. His bandage is on and now he is cross-tied just to be extra cautious. Very frustrating timing but it could have been much worse and he’ll be back to fight again next season, fingers crossed. He is currently feeling quite sorry for himself, very bored in his box.


In more exciting news my little six year old, Harry, was out eventing at Aston le Walls in the BE100. He was a star from start to finish and just rolled a couple of babyish poles in the showjumping. He is such a sweet heart to do and could not be easier which makes the day very enjoyable and relaxing! Here he is showing off his scope.

Sadly having missed Bicton and an end of season three day now being out of the question for Dan it’s time for a re-think for the rest of the season. I got my eventing fix this weekend watching Burghley Horse Trials on the red  button. What an exciting competition it was. Fantastic to see the cross country back at the forefront, where it belongs! Massive congratulations to Chris Burton, what a result to roll four show jumps and still hold on to his lead!!

It seems like Autumn has decided to arrive with a vengeance today so I hope you’re not getting too soaked doing your horses!



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